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Photos of Our Garden Apartments in Newnan

The Vinings at Newnan Lakes Photo Gallery

The Vinings at Newnan Lakes has raised the bar on the apartment living experience. From the meticulously landscaped grounds to the luxuriously appointed homes, your expectations will be exceeded at every turn.

  • Landscaped exterior of apartments in Newnan
  • Front view of Newnan apartments
  • Exterior of Newnan GA apartments
  • Entrance to our Newnan apartment homes
  • Entrance sign to Newnan apartments
  • Exterior view of our Newnan apartment homes
  • Relaxing pool area at apartments in Newnan
  • Refreshing swimming pool at our Newnan apartment homes
  • Volleyball court outside apartments in Newnan
  • Newnan apartments feature spacious living rooms
  • Kitchen area inside Newnan apartments
  • Fitness center at our Newnan apartments
  • Fitness center inside Newnan apartments
  • Upgrade model 002
  • Upgrade model 003
  • Upgrade model 007
  • Upgrade model 008
  • Guest 1
  • Dining 1
  • Living room 3
  • Kitchen 2
  • Master 2
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Picture yourself in the cozy living room, the pets are curled up in front of the crackling fire, dinner is in the oven, and the kids are down at the playground. After dinner, head down to the all-inclusive business center to take care of a little work before your nightly workout in our state-of-the-art fitness center.

Tomorrow it's supposed to warm up, so you are planning to take a family hike on the nearby trails then come home and have a barbecue down by the pool with friends. Afterward you may swim a few laps, and finish off with a rousing game of sand volleyball.

The convenience of life at The Vinings at Newnan Lakes is an experience unmatched by any other in the area. The numerous apartment features like gorgeous wood plank flooring, custom gourmet kitchens with black whirlpool appliances, large pantry, designer kitchen cabinets, large walk-in closets, ceramic tile entry, and vaulted ceilings are rivaled only by the community amenities.

The Vinings at Newnan Lakes is your chance to have all the conveniences you've always wanted. Gorgeous apartments surrounded by lush grounds and countless amenities are waiting. Call us at 678-590-8356 to inquire about your new home.

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